Using dplyr and foreach to read in multiple data sets from disk

I had a student (Jack Fogliasso) bring me a problem from a Microbiology lab where they are trying to identify bacteria using lasers. One of the items they wanted to understand was the absorption rates of different wavelenghts. So they have a machine to do the lasering and it reads out a text file that of coures has a ton of meta data in it, is semi-colon delimited, and there’s one file per trial.

Getting Started with R and R Studio

Overview Instructions and links for downloading and installing the R Studio suite of awesomeness. Includes a brief walkthrough of R Studio R – The programming language. R Studio – A fantastic interface for coding in R. LaTeX – Required to create PDF reports. R Commander – A true to form GUI (point and click) for using R. (Optional) Program Installation Windows Download R from https://cran.r-project.org/bin/windows/base/ Download R Studio Desktop (Free License) from http://www.